Sunday Picnic Hosted by Ray and Brenda Sweeney

Ray and Brenda Sweeney hosted the class at their cabin on Turtle River Lake. they catered the great meal with Steak Shish kabobs, potatoe casserole, hot dogs, fruits dishes, potato salad, and plenty of desserts.


Saturday Main Event and Program at Hillcrest Supper Club in Blackduck

Friday Night Gathering at Cynthia (Erpelding) Nords Home

Cynthia Nord hosted our Friday gathering with a great spread of food, as well as dishes and snacks brought by others.



Jennifer Parker to Give Class of 1977 Updates on Blackduck Saturday

Jennifer and a student

Jennifer Parker, whom most of us had her mother read to us as our English teacher, will present and update on what’s happened in Blackduck over the past 30 years.

The session will begin at 2:00 PM on Saturday, August 12th at Blackduck High School.

Jennifer teaches English in Blackduck, and a Speech coach. She is accustomed to have her students taking all of the awards in local, and statewide Speech in competition.

You can expect an entertaining session as Jennifer walks us through the changes in Blackduck since we graduated from high school 40 years ago.

Tour of Blackduck High School – School Board Chair Cynthia Nord

Saturday, August 12th

Cynthia Nord, Blackduck School Board Chair, will provide a tour of Blackduck Public Schools. The tour will begin immediately after a discussion with Kevin Beck on what’s changed in Blackduck over the past 40 years. 2:00 PM scheduled.

While touring the school and the changes, Nord will discuss the issues that are the hot topics of the school district, and the challenges ahead.

Tour will begin approximately 3:00 PM

District Titles and Dances

Judy Parker

There are so many. Like when the boys BB team won districts. Then the girls did a few years later. Stan Mistic always telling me the medal’s I earned in track were easier than his for wrestling. The JR high dances when no one wanted to be first. I think it was always Russell and I.

Judy Parker

Big News – All Star Reunion Program Speakers Announced

Philip Anderson and his wife Irma

After their stunning display of speaking acumen, great style and humor, Philip Anderson and Julie (Flodeen) Husmann, have agreed to provide the programming for the Saturday Main event at Hillcrest Supper Club.

Philip Anderson now hails from Texas and is a Speech Communications teacher in Brownsville. He has mastered the art of talking effectively to middle school students.

Brenda Sweeney, Committee Co-Chair of the reunion had this to say. “Philip was the desired speaker as we realized most of our class had Attention Deficit Disorder, and we knew it was important to get someone that could reach through to the class in a meaningful way, and Philip is just that person.”

Julie flodeen – Still trolling

Julie Flodeen, from Alaska,  was chosen because of her numerous experiences in dealing with Anderson, and coaxing him along when waiting for him his entire childhood and into adulthood. Flodeen was accustomed to waking Anderson when class was over so he didn’t spend the night in school.

Cynthia (Erpelding) Nord, another Co-Chair had this to say, “Julie was always that special person in our class to help us get things done, from our yearbook to the reunions, we could always count on Julie.”

Friday Night Get Together at Cynthia Nords

Cynthia Nord

The Blackduck High School Class of 77 Reunion Committee is proud to announce our Friday evening gathering place.

Cynthia Nord has agreed to host our class at her home.

We can be inside or out. There is a large patio and a 60 foot covered porch on the front of the house. There is a sound system, and you’ll be brought back to nostalgia lane as the 70’s tunes will be playing in the background.

BYOB and Bring along some snacks and munchies to share.

The address is 27598 Corlan Road NE, Blackduck. Just four miles from Blackduck.

RSVP – Click Here Now

What’s Changed in Blackduck over the Past 40 Years – Provided by Kevin Beck

Kevin Beck

Join Kevin Beck as he walks us through the past 40 years of change in Blackduck.

You may remember Kevin, 2 years behind us. Kevin owns and operated Beck Oil company that has served the community from his parents and grand parents.

He is a former Mayor and Councilman.

You will enjoy the stories of old and the view of how dynamics have changed in the community.

Be prepared to be entertained, educated and maybe moved to tears in emotion, laughter and nostalgia.

Sunday Picnic on the Lake

It’s Official!

Ray and Brenda Sweeney agreed to open their home for hosting our Sunday Potluck Family Picnic for the Blackduck Class of 1977.

Bring your kids, your grandkids, a plate to share and beverage.  Hear and tell stories of our lives, joys and pains, and recapturing precious memories.

Rain or shine, there is plenty of cover in case of inclement weather.

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10543 Brandl Lane Bemidji Mn 56601