Big News – All Star Reunion Program Speakers Announced

Philip Anderson and his wife Irma

After their stunning display of speaking acumen, great style and humor, Philip Anderson and Julie (Flodeen) Husmann, have agreed to provide the programming for the Saturday Main event at Hillcrest Supper Club.

Philip Anderson now hails from Texas and is a Speech Communications teacher in Brownsville. He has mastered the art of talking effectively to middle school students.

Brenda Sweeney, Committee Co-Chair of the reunion had this to say. “Philip was the desired speaker as we realized most of our class had Attention Deficit Disorder, and we knew it was important to get someone that could reach through to the class in a meaningful way, and Philip is just that person.”

Julie flodeen – Still trolling

Julie Flodeen, from Alaska,  was chosen because of her numerous experiences in dealing with Anderson, and coaxing him along when waiting for him his entire childhood and into adulthood. Flodeen was accustomed to waking Anderson when class was over so he didn’t spend the night in school.

Cynthia (Erpelding) Nord, another Co-Chair had this to say, “Julie was always that special person in our class to help us get things done, from our yearbook to the reunions, we could always count on Julie.”

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